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Developing Cycling Visitors in The National Park – June 2014

Motomo Ltd and Bluebell Scotland were appointed by Loch Lomond and The Trossachs
National Park to:

  • assist them in developing and growing the visitor cycle offer in the Park
    making the most of their available cycling assets
  • identifying opportunities to improve the development, delivery and promotion of
    the Park’s cycling offer
  • develop an action plan of recommendations to deliver the above

All of the above should help to establish Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park as a
must visit, must return cycling destination.

Specific activities that were undertaken as part of this project included:
an assessment of cycle tourism in Scotland

  • reviewing existing references to cycling in the National Park
  • reviewing current activity to promote cycling in the Park
  • assessing existing cycling routes and products, and identifying areas of need
  • undertaking a competitor review of similar destinations
  • consult with partners, stakeholders and wider businesses to clarify the current
    market, identify opportunities and areas of concern
  • deliver a series of recommendations and actions to strategically grow cycle tourism
    in the Park

The following report summarises all of the work that has been undertaken (more detailed
information is provided in a separate report to the National Park) and includes a detailed
report of actions and recommendations for progressing the promotion and take up of cycle
tourism in the Park

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