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Gold and silver mine in Cononish Glen

We have recently received a new planning application for a gold and silver mine in Cononish Glen, near Tyndrum.

This new application is a revision to an application we previously approved in 2015. You can view all of the application documents, including the Environmental Impact Assessment, on the e-planning portal using reference 2017/0254/MIN.

Changes to the application

The existing planning permission expires in February 2018.  This new application has a few key changes:

  • The surplus crushed rock from the mining process (called ‘tailings’) is proposed tobe stored in separate stacks across the mine site, instead of within a ‘tailings management facility’ (TMF).
  • The Allt Eas Anie burn, which crosses the site, would no longer need to be diverted as the stacks are proposed to be located on either side of the burn.
  • Permission is now being sought for mining operations to be phased over 17 years instead of 10 years. Although if the owners of the mine receive sufficient investment they may increase the production rate which would mean operations wouldn’t need to run for as much as 17 years.

The new application still includes:

  • a process plant building
  • a settlement pond
  • a flow gauging point in the River Cononish
  • a site drainage system
  • a new bridge over the Crom Allt at the Dalrigh ford
  • construction of a small car parking area for employees adjacent to the existing car park at Dalrigh.

A ‘bulk processing trial’ continues on site, processing material excavated in the 1980s to extract gold (you can view these on the e-planning portal using reference 2017/0254/MIN 2016/0064/DET and 2016/0366/DET).

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