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Advice & guidance

The resources on this page are designed to help you with the preparation of your application or enquiry.

Our Local Development Plan, along with it’s accompanying documents, sets out our planning policies and is used to decide planning application in the National Park.

We recommend that you make use of our free pre-application service if you are unsure what details will be required and what guidance applies to your proposal.

Protected Trees and Tree Works

Trees make a significant contribution to the enjoyment and amenity of towns, villages and to the countryside landscape. Trees also reduce noise and air pollution, provide a variety of wildlife habitats and help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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Pre-Application Consultation

Major and National Developments All planning applications categorised as national developments as defined by the National Planning Framework or major developments in the Hierarchy of Development Regulations require the developer to carry out an official Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) with communities…

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