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Food & drink

We asked independent travel and food journalist Sophie Pither to explore food and drink in and around the National Park.  Sophie has written for Food & Travel magazine, Conde Naste Traveller magazine and has been exploring the world’s top food and drink destinations as a freelancer.  Sophie now lives in the National Park with her husband, three sons and Snoopy the dog.

woman-in-white-protective-clothes-and-hat-in-kitchen-holding-crate-of-cheese-and-smiling-at-camera Producers in the Park

Producers in the Park

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bun-filled-with-steak-and-cheese-pickled-onion Meat feast

Meat feast

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man-in-blue-t-shirt-and-short-white-hair-smiling-at-camera-in-whisky-distillery Brewing & distilling

Brewing & distilling

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picnic-platter-cheese-selection-shortbread-ham-tomatoes-ales-and-cookies Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the Park

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open-steak-sandwich-with-grilled-vegetables-and-horseradish Recipes


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oysters-sixty-pence-each-prawns-twelve-pounds-cardboard-sign-atop-pyle-of-oysters-and-prawns Foodie festivals

Foodie festivals

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man-in-light-green-jacket-with-short-white-hair-cooking-with-four-young-children-on-grass-with-lush-loch-arklet-landscape-behind-foraging-event Family-friendly foraging

Family-friendly foraging

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scotland-food-and-drink-excellence-awards-two-thousand-fourteen-poster Scottish Food Awards

Scottish Food Awards

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