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Mellow Yellow

We have four whisky distilleries around the Park, offering deliciously smooth unpeated drams more typical of the lowland style than the big-bodied peaty Highlands & Islands boys. All offer daily tours.


Set in an atmospheric former cotton mill by the River Teith near Doune, just east of the Park, Deanston Distillery makes single malts and blended whiskies. One of Scotland’s newest distilleries, it opened in 1967 and is very self-sufficient, creating its own hydro-electric power from a dam in the river, and using the river as the soft-water source for the whisky itself.


Tucked on the south-eastern edge of the Park, Glengoyne sits on the official Highland boundary and so can be classed as a Highland Whisky. The distillery produces extremely fine clean-tasting single malts, including a new award-winning 25-year-old.


A distillery on Clydebank, not far from Glasgow and just south of the Park, Auchentoshan triple distils its whisky, making a selection of smooth, delicately-flavoured single malts, with notes of vanilla, green apples and fresh citrus.

Loch Lomond Distillery

Based in Alexandria, at the southern edge of the Park, Loch Lomond has been through many incarnations, distilling on and off since the 14th century. Its latest owner is the Glen Catrine company, who now produce grain and malt whiskies.

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