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Love It Like A Local

The National Park is a special place that is loved by many. Show your respect for the Park by loving it like a local.

Scotland is experiencing a never before seen level of littering following the easing of lockdown. This behaviour is not acceptable anywhere, but nowhere is it more upsetting than in our rural areas where people enjoy the outstanding scenery and natural beauty.

As more people are once again able to visit this special place, we have teamed up with Local Authorities and communities around the National Park to urge everyone to respect the area and treat it as they would want their own home to be treated.

The ask is very simple: bin your litter, or take it home.

How are we asking people to ‘love it like a local’?

‘Love It Like A Local’ is a communications campaign that will be seen both online and physically throughout the Park.

Signs are being put up in specific areas around the National Park to remind people to do the right thing when it comes to their rubbish.

In gateway villages and popular tourist hotspots, these signs show images of National Park residents welcoming responsible visitors back to the area and reminding everyone to treat the area as if they live here too. This strand of messaging is designed to give the majority of people, who are largely responsible when visiting the Park, a gentle nudge to correctly dispose of their litter.


Paul and Eira from Callander

Alongside these prompt signs which welcome positive behaviour, a second strand of messaging will be used in targeted locations, which will highlight the disapproval everyone who loves the Park feels towards littering.  These signs are placed at key locations that have a history of littering or flytipping incidents, and put a face to the National Park and local authority staff who have to deal with the aftermath of those inconsiderate people who leave their waste at these beauty spots. These signs show that it is not just us that think this behaviour is unacceptable, they also include real social media comments made by others who hate to see these special places blighted by litter.


In addition to the onsite signage, a digital communications campaign will be delivered by stakeholders responsible for looking after the National Park.  This will be targeted to reach people before they even arrive, so they clearly understand the responsible behaviour that is expected of them.

‘Love It Like A Local’ is just one element of the National Park Authority’s litter prevention activities, which are structured around our forthcoming Litter and Waste Prevention Strategy.  This outlines the key elements of litter prevention: effective engagement and appropriate infrastructure to support responsible waste behaviours, and proportionate enforcement to deter littering behaviour.  This ongoing partnership work to coordinate litter and waste services and enforcement activites will continue to support ‘Love It Like A Local’.

Join us in our war against litter

Everyone has a part to play in looking after the National Park. Here’s how you can get involved in the campaign and urge everyone to love the area like a local:

  • Set an example: when out and about in the National Park, show others how to act responsibly by binning your litter or taking it home with you.
  • Share our materials: Download our toolkit of posters below to put up in your business or local area. Be sure to let us know at that you are joining us in urging people to dispose of their litter responsibly. You can also tag us in any pictures of this on social by using @lomondtrossachs or #LikeALocal.
  • Stay up to date: This will be a phased campaign, with more activity and events planned throughout the summer. Keep informed of what is planned by reading our latest blogs and updates.
  • Get in touch: Have an idea for a key location where we should put up signs, or want to be the face of the campaign in your community? Drop us a line at to discuss how we can support you to get involved.
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