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National Park staff member standing in area of peatland with Loch Lomond and islands visible in the background.

International Women’s Day

We’re often in awe of the inspiring women who work with the National Park, using their skills and passion to help protect and restore this iconic and important landscape, but #InternationalWomensDay gives us an opportunity to celebrate them!

This week we caught up with some women from the organisation, to ask them how they feel about working with the National Park

Peatland ACTION Project Officer, Tasha


National Park staff member standing in area of peatland.

Hi, I’m Tasha one of the Peatland ACTION Project Officers at Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. I’m part of the Peatland Team, working to design and deliver peatland recovery projects across the National Park to help preserve and protect these unique and amazing habitats. Peatland restoration helps turn a peatland that is emitting carbon and other greenhouse gases into one which locks them up and over time, absorbs them from the atmosphere.  It’s hugely important for tackling climate change and reaching net zero.

My day to day varies a lot – some days I will be in the office using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to map and design recovery projects, other days I will be out and about talking to landowners and contractors, and sometimes I will be out doing drone surveys and collecting data to inform our recovery plans.

Most of the peatland within the National Park is upland blanket bog, which means I get to spend a lot of my time out in our remote hills and upland areas. This is easily my favourite part of the job (weather depending of course!). In one afternoon, I can see a range of plants and wildlife, from the small and carnivorous Sundew, right up to our amazing golden eagles.

I love being able to work in areas that aren’t necessarily seen or visited by a lot of people but make up such a large part of the landscape that people come to enjoy and knowing that the work we’re doing now will continue to improve and enhance this landscape further for years to come.

Volunteer Ranger, Judith


National Park volunteer out in the National Park

I’m Judith and I’m one of the Volunteer Ranger team. I’m about to start my sixth year in the role and still feel as keen as when I started my first!

I so enjoy my volunteering with the National Park; it’s taken me to some hidden corners and places I’d never been before. I’ve met visitors from all over the world, I’ve had a great time getting to know my fellow volunteers and Park staff, and I’ve learned loads.

The National Park is such a beautiful place to live and it is very rewarding to feel that I play a part in enhancing someone’s experience or understanding of the landscape. For me, the biggest thing I think I’ve gained, has been a deeper appreciation of and connection with nature and the environment. This has happened both being out and about in the National Park throughout the seasons, and getting involved in conservation tasks and tapping into the wealth of knowledge of so many of the individuals I’ve come into contact with.

Volunteering in the Park also keeps me looking outwards and engaging with new people and new experiences. Sometimes there are challenges and problems to solve, and occasionally it puts me outside of my comfort zone, but I always come back smiling at the end of a volunteering day, ready for the next one!

Strategic Communications Manager, Sarah


National Park member of staff in running kit about to start a running race in the National Park

I’m a fairly new addition to the National Park family, joining as Strategic Communications Manager in June 2023. After 18 years, working with and learning from many other great female role models in different jobs over the years, I’ve found my way here and it’s a pretty great place to be.

Working for a National Park is about more than the job itself. I wanted a role that challenged me professionally, gave me opportunities to continue learning, and to work with motivated and innovative thinkers. Most importantly, I wanted a job that aligned with my values and interests. I wasn’t a kid who was out climbing trees and mountains from a young age, but as I’ve grown older, nature has become more and more important to me. It’s the highlight of every day, whether a dog walk through the woods, a run up a hill or a pedal along single track on my bike. I love watching the seasons change and being out in all weathers. It makes me feel alive.

One of the highlights of the job is helping others to connect with the Park in the same way and reap the benefits that brings, whether they visit, live or work here. The UN’s theme for this year is ‘Invest in Women’. I think it’s a good reminder to us all to invest in ourselves. And, getting out in nature is always a good place to start!

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