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National Park planning team reinforces need for caution when buying plots

Planning officials at Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority have advised  people to exercise caution if considering buying plots on land between Stroneslaney Road and the River Balvaig near Balquhidder.

Enforcement action was taken by the National Park Authority last year when Planning Contravention Notices were issued following unauthorised development on this land.

Despite this action, the landowners have not voluntarily rectified the unauthorised development and this has left the Park Authority no alternative but to issue an Enforcement Notice setting out the remediation worked required.

Plots in this area continue to be marketed in a piecemeal manner, and despite the constraints on development are being purchased. These plots are in an area at risk of flooding so any development would be unlikely to receive planning permission.

Stuart Mearns, Director of Place at the National Park Authority said: “Any development work within the National Park requires planning permission. In this case, and several others in recent years, we are experiencing plots of land being sold to those who are unaware of planning and environmental constraints and risks. The purchasers are often left disappointed when they cannot use the plot as they envisaged for. For example, to build a new family or holiday home or put up a small storage shed.

“In this case, the plots are in an environmentally sensitive landscape where there is a risk of flooding, making it very unlikely that planning permission would be granted. We strongly advise anyone interested in purchasing these plots to seek advice from qualified professionals or the National Park Authority.

“It is disappointing that despite previous enforcement action, landowners have not taken the necessary action to restore the land to its former state and continue to market these plots to the public. We hope all parties will coordinate to implement the Restoration Plan and resolve this ongoing issue.”

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