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West Riverside and Woodbank House planning application withdrawn

We can confirm that the application for planning permission in principle for the major development at West Riverside and Woodbank House, Balloch, has today been withdrawn by the applicants.

The Site Visit and Public Hearing scheduled for next week to determine the application will now no longer be taking place. Everyone who has made a formal representation to the application will be notified.

Having allowed the applicants to submit additional information, a significant amount of time and resource then went into assessing this complex application and the preparation of a comprehensive report setting out the officer’s recommendation to refuse planning permission in principle.

It is ultimately the applicants’ decision not to continue with this process.

Development of any kind in the National Park is always carefully considered, balancing the need for development and community interests with the heritage and conservation of this special area.

While land within this application site has been identified as suitable for tourism development, it is crucial that any new development protects the character of the existing landscape and the natural and built environment, while making a positive contribution to the area as an international tourism destination.

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