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Our values and behaviours

What we aspire to be and what we expect from our staff.

Our values are our moral compass. They are the foundation on which everything else is built – and they guide us in everything we do.

  • Passion – we love what we do. This incredible place inspires us to new heights every day. We love looking after it and sharing it with you. We want you to get as much out of the National Park as we do.
  • Leadership – we show the way. We serve the best interests of the National Park and the people who live here, work here, and visit. That means making bold decisions and challenging conventional wisdom when we have to.
  • Accessible – we’re approachable, open and friendly. We love sharing the best of this wonderful place. We work to make the National Park a place for all; we listen to what you have to say and stay open to new ideas.
  • Caring – we respect the past and shape the future. This place matters enormously to the people who live here, work here and visit. We protect what matters and work to improve what we have; the past gives us our roots, but we work for an even better future.
  • Inspiring – we spark ideas for action. We’re brimming with enthusiasm and knowledge about this special place. We’re here to make things better. We show the way, and follow through with our plans. We do the right thing for the Park and the planet. We make and promote sustainable choices on a daily basis.

Download our Values in a pdf format

Behaviours define ‘how’ we are expected to approach our work and sits alongside ‘what’ we do. Behaviours demonstrate the attitudes and approach we take to work; they are:

  • how we do things
  • how we treat others
  • what we say and how we say it
  • how we expect to be treated

The behaviours are:

  • Passion – we are proud Ambassadors who believe in what we do
  • Leadership – we take responsibility as leaders to act with trust and respect to achieve success
  • Accessible – we work as one National Park team, helping each other to reach our goals
  • Caring – we respect, value and support each other in the work that we do
  • Inspiring – we embrace and encourage innovation and creativity to deliver success
  • Green – we make and promote sustainable choices on a daily basis

Download our Behaviours in a pdf format

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