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What else can be done?

This toolkit offers some suggestions that will pay for themselves in reducing costs to your business, and will demonstrate your commitment to improving the environment for guests, local community and employees. Here are some more measures and benefits for you to consider.

Promotion gain

Don’t forget to highlight the positive improvements made and ongoing commitment – this can be featured on your website, social media and at key points throughout your venue highlighting the positive measures that have been made, no matter how big or small.

Outdoor space

Consider how you use any outdoor space. Can this be used to support wildflowers, trees and native wildlife through installing nesting boxes and planters with bee and butterfly-friendly plants? Can this be used to encourage visitors to make use of the space more and to engage with the nature?  Staff can also help – do you have any members of your team who can share their specialist knowledge and enthusiasm for the outdoors? Can you do more to promote nature-related attractions and days out?


Think also about how purchasing, particularly for consumable items could further reduce your costs and reduce the amount of single-use items (eg, paper coffee cups and other consumable items) – is there a better way to provide the same service to customers without the negative impacts and costly disposable products?  Net Zero Nation’s website has a range of resources, which aims to be a one-stop shop with all the information you need to help identify ways your business can reduce its impact on the planet.

Cleaning products

New suppliers providing eco-friendly products have emerged in recent years to provide a wider choice of cleaning materials that are less harmful to the environment and that reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used that can impact on waterways, plant life and wildlife. Can you use local suppliers to reduce delivery miles? Can you use products that use less packaging or a supply designed to refill containers rather than single-use plastic bottles and other containers?

Staff Engagement

Having a ‘Green Team’ and nominated green champions within your business is a great way to include employees in the decisions that are made and contribute to identifying areas where improvements can be made. Including ‘green’ issues as part of staff performance targets and appraisals as a way to fully engage with staff and to get them thinking about their own contribution to the overall action plans of your business. Staff training sessions and including green topics in team meetings will help to move forward the team’s understanding of issues and to collectively find ways to make improvements. Regular communications and notices displayed in staff areas to provide reminders, inform of new measures, and to share the achievements of improvements to bring a positive change.

Further Information and resources

Green Key

Green Key is the leading global eco-label operating in 65 countries worldwide to support and recognise environmental excellence in hotels and venues. Find out more in our short film introducing Green Key in Scotland.

Green Tourism Award

Tourism and hospitality businesses can apply to gain the Green Tourism award. This showcases your business’s commitment to implementing sustainable measures in your operations and demonstrates to customers that you have a environmentally conscious approach.

Tourism Declares

Tourism Declares supports tourism businesses, organisations and individuals in declaring a climate emergency and taking action to reduce their carbon emissions, you can be part of this growing tourism movement towards a greener future.

Zero Waste Scotland

Our partner in creating this business toolkit, Zero Waste Scotland‘s website is a great resource to find the latest business support opportunities and links to gain from their free sustainability business advice.

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