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Hogback Stone – Luss

Luss Heritage Group and Luss and Arden Community Development Trust have been leading a project to restore a beautiful Hogback Stone found in the graveyard of Luss Parish Church.

The Hogback Stone is typical of an Anglo-Scandinavian grave marker from the 11th century with a curved ridge decorated with ‘shingles’ reminiscent of a house. The presence of hogbacks in Scotland is likely due to the Forth-Clyde route connecting York to Dublin.

The Hogback is viewed by hundreds of visitors to Luss, however it was covered in thick moss that had built up over the years covering the ornate carved detail. The stone had also sunk into the ground and was in danger of being damaged by other headstones nearby.

We teamed up with Historic Environment Scotland to fund the conservation of the Hogback Stone, enabling the Luss community to commission professional stonemasons to restore the stone, and also some historically-important early Christian cross-slabs. Making sure they are displayed safely and preserved for future generations.

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