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66 native trees planted at Nether Shannochill Farm with funding from National Park Tree Planting Grant Scheme

In 2020/21 our Tree Planting Grant Scheme funded nine tree planting projects in the National Park, with over 1,000 trees planted.

Projects included planting native trees along river banks, within grazed fields and a school orchard. The projects were undertaken by a variety of groups including small farms, a hotel business, a Rivers Trust and a primary school.


© Adventure Photographers

One example of how funding has had benefits for nature and landscape is at Nether Shannochill Farm, near Aberfoyle, where 66 native trees were planted including birch, oak and rowan.


© Adventure Photographers

The trees were planted within fields and beside water courses and each tree has been protected from grazing sheep and browsing deer by a net cage. In addition to the native trees planted, a small orchard of Scottish heritage fruit trees was also created at the farm. The newly planted trees will store carbon, provide shelter for livestock, habitat for woodland invertebrates and birds, and also offer scope for timber supply longer-term.

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