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Our 2019/20 National Park Grant Scheme supports projects that help deliver the outcomes in the National Park Partnership Plan 2018-23.

If you’re interested, you can submit an Expression of Interest up until midnight on Friday 31st May 2019. If you’re successful, we’ll invite you to submit a detailed application.

Who can apply?

The National Park Grant Scheme is open to individuals, businesses, public bodies and constituted voluntary/community groups or charities, providing that they have the right to, or approval to, undertake the proposals.

Applications from schools and other publicly-funded bodies will be considered; however grants will only be considered where the funding request is for items that are out-with normal operational matters.

Project proposals from property owners and commercial businesses will be considered only where public benefits can be clearly demonstrated.

Subsidiaries of larger organisations are not eligible to apply, unless a financial guarantee is provided by the parent organisation.

Applicants do not need to be based within the National Park, provided that the project is delivered within the National Park.

Board members and staff of the National Park Authority are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must disclose whether they have any family members working for the National Park Authority, together with the relationship and proximity of the employee to the grant being sought.

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What kind of projects will be supported?

A Grant Panel will assess Expressions of Interest and any subsequent Applications using Assessment Criteria, which prioritises projects that deliver against:

The assessment criteria will be used to score projects and the top scoring projects will be prioritised and presented to the Grant Panel for consideration.

Examples of the types of project that could be supported include:

  • Repairs to, and/or restoration of listed buildings, traditional buildings (pre-1919) and other examples of the National Park’s built heritage, in particular public/community buildings or buildings/heritage located in a prominent place or at the heart of communities.
  • Consulting and assessing viability of creating a heritage trail to support local tourism
  • Assessing the viability of a bike-hire social enterprise
  • Commissioning and involving the community in designing a play park and event space
  • Commissioning technical and design elements of a community-run pontoon or self-catering facility.
  • Primary school education materials teaching about conservation of the Powan fish
  • Purchase of equipment and training costs towards the strategic control of invasive non-native species such as rhododendron, giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and American skunk cabbage
  • Fencing off water courses from livestock to protect and enhance water quality and habitats.
  • Planting of individual trees, such as specimen parkland trees, field boundary or hedgerow trees or small-scale woodlands (less than 0.25ha only) in appropriate locations.
  • Development of a community path
  • Visitor signage and interpretation
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How much money is available?

The 2019/20 National Park Grant Scheme total budget is £87,000:

  • £80,000 of the total budget is for capital projects; this includes projects that produce a physical asset, such as repairs to a building or building a bridge; or contribute towards producing a physical asset, such as a technical/feasibility study or design.
  • £1,000 of the total budget is for revenue projects, such as time-limited project staff costs.
  • £6,000 is ring fenced for revenue expenditure to support the capacity of Community Development Trusts (CDTs). This fund will be administered independently by the National Park Authority’s Community Team, who will be in touch with CDTs directly.
  • The National Park Authority reserves the right to change the overall budget.

Please note, this is a highly competitive grant scheme with a limited budget and you may not receive 100% of your requested funding.

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