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What we fund

This year our grant scheme will support projects that deliver benefits towards the 13 outcomes in our National Park Partnership Plan and your local Community Action Plan. Priority will be given to projects that deliver towards multiple outcomes.

As 2018 is the Scottish Government’s Year of Young Peoplewe’re also offering specific funding for projects that deliver a range of benefits for, or work in partnership with, young people.

Our National Park Partnership Plan outcomes

Our National Park Partnership Plan is the overarching vision that guides how all those with a role in looking after the National Park will work together to ensure a successful, sustainable future for this iconic place.

We’re looking to support projects that deliver multiple benefits towards the 13 Outcomes in our  Plan. These are: 


(You can click on each of the outcomes below to find out more).

Your Community Action Plan

We’ll also assess your application against its delivery towards your local Community Action Plan. All Community Action plans can be found on the Community Partnership website.

If your area does not have a Community Action Plan, please demonstrate your project has community support, e.g. have you consulted the local community, undertaken a survey or consulted your Community Council and/or Community Development Trust.

Year of Young People

Young people enjoying a walk on Conic Hill

If you’re applying for Year of Young People funding, the project will also be assessed against delivery towards the Year of Young People Outcomes. These are:

Examples of the kind of projects that could be supported are:

  • Resources (binoculars, ID kits, etc.)
  • Kit (waterproofs/wellies/tablet)
  • Film contractors
  • Play equipment
  • Adapted bikes / technology
  • Translations of resources

You can find a full copy of our assessment criteria here (PDF document).

How much funding is available?

The 2018/19 National Park Grant Scheme total budget is £80,000:

  • £60,000 of the total budget is for capital projects; this includes projects that produce a physical asset, such as repairs to a building or building a bridge; or contribute towards producing a physical asset, such as a technical/feasibility study or design.
  • £10,000 of the total capital budget is ring fenced for Year of Young People Projects.
  • £4,000 of the total budget is for revenue projects, such as time-limited project staff costs.
  • £6,000 is ring fenced for revenue expenditure to support the capacity of Community Development Trusts (CDTs). This fund will be administered independently by the National Park Authority’s Community Team, who will be in touch with CDTs directly.

The National Park Authority reserves the right to change the overall budget.

We are inviting projects costing between £600-£20,000.

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