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Who can apply

Please note that the application deadline has now passed and we are no longer accepting applications for the Green Recovery Fund. 

The Green Recovery Fund is open to individuals, businesses, land managers, public bodies, constituted community groups, voluntary groups, nature or climate bodies or partnerships and registered charities with a stake in the National Park, providing that they have the right to, or approval to, undertake the proposals.

Applications from schools and other publicly-funded bodies will be considered; however funding will only be considered where the funding request is for items that are outside of normal operational matters.

Project proposals from property owners and commercial businesses will be considered only where public benefits can be clearly demonstrated.

Subsidiaries of larger organisations are not eligible to apply, unless a financial guarantee is provided by the parent organisation.

Applicants do not need to be based within the National Park, provided that the project is delivered within the National Park.

Board members and staff of the National Park Authority are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must disclose whether they have any family members working for the National Park Authority, together with the relationship and proximity of the employee to the grant being sought.

Community Action Plans

If you are applying for a grant on the basis that it will deliver an outcome supported by your local Community, you should demonstrate how your application contributes to delivering the Community Action Plan or Community Place Plan (or other means) for your area.

All Community Action Plans can be found on the Community Partnership website.

You can download the application form below. The form may open in a new tab. If this happens, please save the file to your desktop before filling in your details. You can then submit your completed form to us via email at

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