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National Park Grant Scheme

Please note that the application deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications for the National Park Grant Scheme 2020/21. Please contact us if you want to discuss potential applications in 2021/22.

Our annual grant scheme supports projects within the National Park that deliver against the outcomes in our National Park Partnership Plan and provide additional benefits for communities, land managers, businesses and residents across the National Park.

Please check out the information provided below to find out more about what we fund, who can apply and how you can help us take steps towards a green recovery.

Did you know we also offer a Tree Planting Grant to help enable small scale tree planting in the National Park? Find out more and how to apply.

young-students-teacher-and-national-park-staff-planting-trees-each-having-tree-guard-on-alongside-deer-face-wet-dark-day-loch-achray-farm What we fund

What we fund

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young-black-couple-laughing-at-edge-of-loch-lomond-with-maid-of-loch-steamship-behind Who can apply

Who can apply

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group-of-young-students-wearing-school-uniform-around-table-doing-some-diy-work-scissors-papers How to apply

How to apply

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blairmore-village-hall-stone-building-with-red-door-and-clock-above-blue-skies-woman-in-white-walking-towards-it Guidance


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conservation-team-from-the-national-park-peeking-their-heads-through-thick-rhododendron-bush--invasive-species-two-of-them-are-holding-saws Case studies

Case studies

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kids-in-rain-jacket-handling-trolley-with-young-tree-sapplings-for-planting-grant-scheme-project-at-loch-achray Your questions answered

Your questions answered

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