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Tree Planting Grant Scheme

Our Tree Planting Grant Scheme encourages small scale tree planting in the National Park.

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Helping to deliver a Green Recovery

We want to support a Green recovery where people are taking and inspiring action to address the global climate emergency and nature crisis. This also presents an opportunity to support our communities, land managers and businesses to emerge from the COVID19 pandemic, as there are many things we all will be doing differently. The connection that many of us have with our local environment and community is now even stronger.

Our Tree Planting Grant Scheme encourages small scale tree planting in the National Park.

The aim of this grant is to enhance the tree cover within the National Park to support delivery of National Park Partnership Plan priorities and improve and enhance our natural capital for the benefit of people and wildlife.

The scheme is open to businesses, organisations, individuals and community or voluntary groups.

Last year

In 2020/21 our Tree Planting Grant Scheme funded nine tree planting projects in the National Park, with over 1,000 trees planted.

Projects included planting native trees along river banks, within grazed fields and a school orchard. The projects were undertaken by a variety of groups including small farms, a hotel business, a Rivers Trust and a primary school.

What we fund

The grant offers financial assistance (up to £3000) to plant individual trees or small areas of woodland that might not usually be eligible for other funding.

The grant scheme will support planting of trees that deliver the following priority outcomes:

  • Enhancement of riparian and loch shore habitats, usually within 10m of a water course.
  • Enhancement of Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes. We have mapped appropriate locations.
  • Enhancement of Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas. We have mapped appropriate locations.
  • Enhancement of the public realm and delivery of public amenity benefits, such as locations adjacent to core paths, public roads and in areas of green space used by the public.
  • Enhancement of tree integration into agricultural systems (Agroforestry).
  • Enhancement of individual tree features where they are threatened by Ash dieback (Chalara)

Applications will also be considered for other proposals that bring a biodiversity or landscape benefit.

More information on this can be found in our Tree Planting Grant Scheme Guidance.


Planting in single or multiple tree cages on river banks

How to apply

Download the scheme guidance and application form below for more information and to apply for funding. If you have any questions about this please contact or call 01389 722600.

Closing dates for applications

  1. 31 July 2021
  2. 30 September 2021
  3. 31 January 2022

The Tree Planting Grant Scheme is part-funded by Scottish Forestry

For more information on our wider Green Recovery Fund or other grant funding available, please visit our Grants & Funding page.

You can download the application form below. The form may open in a new tab. If this happens, please save the file to your desktop before filling in your details. You can then submit your completed form to us via email at

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