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Step Up in Lochdown

Lockdown exercise doesn’t have to be boring!

Where have your steps and exercise taken you so far in ‘Lochdown’? Round the living room, round the garden or round the local neighbourhood? What about a ‘virtual’ mountain?

Even though we can’t welcome you to the National Park at the moment, we’re challenging you to take on the number of steps needed to ‘climb’ some of the National Park’s famous hills and mountains as part of National Walking Month this May.

There are many ways to get involved, with levels for everyone and you don’t have to be a solo hiker either. It could be a personal challenge, or a household challenge. How about a race amongst isolated friends and families?

We’ve set out how many steps it takes to reach the top of some of our famous wee hills and some of our higher tops.

You don’t have to just stop at one hill, why not climb all of them one after the other… You just need to make sure you come back after ’Lochdown’ and complete the journeys in person!

There are no strict rules and you can take on the challenge at whatever level you like. But we do want to hear from you if you’re taking part and how you’re getting on.

Share your progress, including photos from your chosen ‘hill’, with us by posting on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #Lochdown so we can see your updates.

We’ll be sharing some motivational posts and images from these iconic hills and mountains throughout the month to keep you going.

Good luck!

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