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Planning & Access Committee Meeting 26th September 2016


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Draft minute of meeting held on 27th June 2016

4. 2016/0151/DET – North Car Park Off B829 Loch Chon
Change of use of land to form campsite including erection of 2No. toilet blocks, 2No. storage buildings, formation of footpaths and associated parking.

5. 2016/0138/DET – Land Some 600m East Of Braes Of Greenock, Callander, Stirling
Formation of a cemetery with associated vehicular access, car parking and landscaping.

6. Scottish Government Planning Performance Framework

Appendix 1 – Planning Performance Framework 2016

7. Any Other Business

8. Date of Next Meeting – 31st October 2016

Approved minutes of meeting held on 26th September 2016

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