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Planning & Access Committee Virtual Meeting 14th December 2020

The Monday 14th December 2020 Planning & Access Committee meeting, which would normally be held in public, took place as a virtual meeting which was webcast live for public viewing.


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Draft minutes of meeting held on 23 November 2020

4. Tree Preservation Order Recommendation
2020/0002/TPO – Ben Cruach Lodge, Tarbet, Argyll And Bute

Appendix 1a) – Modifications to Tree Preservation Order Number 2 of 2020 made 18th June 2020
Appendix 1b) – Ben Cruach Lodge Tree Preservation Order plan as made
Appendix 1c) – Ben Cruach Lodge Tree Preservation Order plan proposed modification
Appendix 2 – Woodland TEMPO guidance

5. Any Other Business

6. Date of Next Meeting: 25th January 2021

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