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Virtual Board Meeting 13th September 2021

The Monday 13th September 2021 Board meeting, which would normally be held in public, took place as a virtual meeting which was webcast live for public viewing.


Session 1: 10am

1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of Meeting held on 14th June 2021

4. Matters Arising

5. 2020/21 Draft Annual Report and Accounts (Pete Wightman / Eilidh McKerry)

Appendix 1 Annual Report

Appendix 2 Draft Annual Accounts

6. Audit and Risk Committee Annual Report (Ronnie Erskine / Eilidh McKerry)

7. Virtual Meetings (Pete Wightman / Douglas Smith)

8. Board Calendar Update – revised 2022 schedule and draft 2023 schedule (Pete Wightman / Douglas Smith)

Appendix 1 Amended 2022 calendar

Appendix 2 Draft 2023 calendar

Session 2: 11.45 am

9. CEO Report (James Stuart / Gordon Watson)

10. 2021/22 Annual Operational Plan Progress Report (Pete Wightman)

Appendix Annual Operational Plan Progress Report

11. Financial Report (Pete Wightman / Eilidh McKerry)

Appendix Management Accounts to 30th June 2021

12. Board Strategy Day, 20th September 2021 Verbal Update (Gordon Watson)

13. Any Other Business

14. Date of Next Meeting – Monday 13th December 2021


15. Minute of Confidential Session held on 14th June 2021

16. Minute of Confidential Session held on 28th June 2021



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