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Claire Chapman

Claire Chapman has been reappointed to the Park Authority Board for a maximum of four years until the 31 October 2026.

Claire Chapman is a specialist at dealing with environmental regulatory and compliance issues. She works for Scottish Water with responsibilities for the operation and maintenance of renewable assets, and dealing with contractors to ensure that turbines generate as they should.  She is experienced at engaging with landowners, regulators and other stakeholders, and is a regular speaker at renewable energy events.

Register of Interests

  • Category 1: Remuneration
    • Employee of Scottish Water
  • Category 2: Other Roles
    • None
  • Category 3: Contracts
    • None
  • Category 4: Election Expenses
    • None
  • Category 5: Houses, Land and Buildings
    • None
  • Category 6: Interest in Shares & Securities
    • None
  • Category 7: Gifts and Hospitality
    • None
  • Category 8: Non-Financial Interests
    • None
  • Category 9: Close Family Members
    • None
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