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Dr Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond has been appointed to the Park Authority Board for a minimum of four years as of 1 November 2018 until the 31 October 2022.

Dr Sarah Drummond co-founded service design specialists Snook, MyPolice, CycleHack, Dearest Scotland, Alloa Pride and The Matter. She has experience supporting organisations in the public, private and third sector to deliver better services by transforming how they work, involving citizens in co-design of services and bringing digital practices to the fore to change how organisations deliver. Sarah has worked on tourism projects around Edinburgh festivals, research into digitising the planning process and running innovative events with partners like The Data Lab in Scotland.

Register of Interests

Category 1: Remuneration
◦ Director – School of Good Services Services Ltd

• Category 2: Related Undertakings
◦ None

• Category 3: Contracts
◦ None

• Category 4: Houses, Land and Buildings
◦ None

• Category 5: Interest in Shares & Securities
◦ None

• Category 6: Gifts & Hospitality
◦ None

• Category 7: Non-Financial Interests
◦ None

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