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Ronnie Erskine

Ronnie Erskine has been appointed to the Park Authority Board for a minimum of four years as of 1 November 2018 until the 31 October 2022.

Ronnie Erskine brings a breadth of finance, audit and risk management experience to this role from various public bodies. This includes almost 20 years working in finance and corporate roles, within local government with responsibility for up to 200 staff and projects of up to £200. Mr Erskine worked for three years in the Department for International Development, heading the finance profession and overseeing a budget of £6bn. Recently, he worked in the education sector in finance roles where he has designed and implemented a new system of risk management.  In a voluntary capacity, he chaired CIPFA in Scotland, the chartered public finance accountancy body and currently chairs the parent body at the local school his children attend.

Register of Interests

To follow in due course.

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