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Clyde Marine Planning Partnership

We are a member of the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) and Scottish Ministers have tasked  the CMPP with developing a Regional Marine Plan for the Clyde Marine region. To find out more about the CMPP and the development of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan please visit the CMPP website.

As part of the development of a Regional Marine Plan there is has been a Statement of Public Participation produced. This sets out a timetable for the Clyde Regional Marine Plan development and also provides details of opportunities for engagement and participation during the development of the Regional Marine Plan. It also describes the stages of plan development and what these stages will involve, for example when consultations will happen. Read the Statement of Public Participation.

To keep up to date with the CMPP and the development of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan, you can sign up to its newsletter.

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