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Core Paths Plan

Core Paths Plan

The preparation of a Core Paths Plan is a statutory duty for the National Park Authority under Sections 17-20 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

You can explore the current Core Paths network using the map below, or alternatively click to view a full-screen version of the map.

Review of our Core Paths Plan

A review of our original Core Paths Plan (2010) began in 2017 and proposed an additional 81km of Core Paths and the removal of 4km (less than 1% of the overall network).

A public consultation on these changes ran from 23rd November 2018 until 26th April 2019.

Following a local inquiry and Ministerial approval, the new plan was adopted by the NPA Board on 14th June 2021. After the new plan was adopted there was a judicial review of both the Ministers’ approval and the Board’s adoption of the new plan.  The Inner House of the Court of Session upheld both the Ministers’ approval, and the Board’s adoption, of the new plan.

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