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Strathard Framework

Set across the whole Strathard area, the Strathard Framework is planning guidance that identifies geographical sub-areas which are sensitive to or have scope for development or land use change.

The Framework builds on existing plans and strategies to set out a shared vision to create a healthier, more climate responsive Strathard that is an economically-thriving place to live, work and visit.

The Framework addresses issues such as climate change, infrastructure, sustainable development and growth, species management, biodiversity, local economy and tourism. It includes opportunities to:

  • Enhance the biodiversity and ecological value of Queen Elizabeth Forest and Duchray Water by focusing on herbivore management and Invasive Non-Native Species removal – in particular rhododendron ponticum;
  • Expand woodlands and restore peatland to establish the area as a carbon sink;
  • Invest in Natural Flood Management along the Duchray Water;
  • Invest in new Active travel routes and create a new mobility hub at Aberfoyle;
  • Diversify the economy to be less dependent on tourism and invest in affordable housing to retain young and working age people;
  • Promote Strathard as an eco-tourism destination by protecting landscape, views and tranquillity and facilitating outdoor recreation and tourism development which is sensitive to these special qualities.

View the Interactive Map

Use our interactive map to view the various opportunities across Strathard.

The Framework sits alongside our Local Development Plan as planning guidance to guide development but it is also a holistic document which is hoped to be used to influence land use decisions, including large-scale conservation projects and also strategically guide visitor management and public realm work.

The Framework has been developed in a co-design approach by a steering group made up of representatives from the Strathard Community Council, Strathard Community Trust, Stirling Council and the National Park Authority. Find out more about the partnership working to make it happen and updates from the Delivery Plan that underpins it.

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