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Visitor Survey 2019-20

The National Park Authority conducts regular research to gain knowledge about its visitors and the changing trends in tourism. 

This helps us to understand and guide activity and to continue to inform the sustainable management of the National Park. Visitors’ characteristics, motivations, behaviours and attitudes are dynamic and affected by a number of wider factors and trends. The 2019-20 study was conducted using face-to-face interviewing methodology of 2,265 visitors using a random sampling approach across the year at a range of locations Park-wide.

The findings provide details such as where our visitors are from, how they travel, their party size and abilities and the length of their stay. Very importantly, it tells us how they rate their experience of the National Park and why, which indicates aspects that may need to be looked at for future improvement by the National Park Authority and partners. Research of this scale is conducted every five years or so.   

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