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Balloch Charrette Report – now available!

This report is the first output of an exciting new initiative ‘LIVE in Balloch’, which is helping to shape the future of Balloch. Back in February and March, we worked with West Dunbartonshire Council and Scottish Enterprise to run a design ‘charrette’ (a series of intensive workshops that get local people involved in the design of their community).

We’re pleased to let you know that the Balloch Charrette Report is now available here.

These workshops, supported by targeted engagement with local schools, local businesses, community groups and an active discussion on our Facebook page, gave the people who Live, Work, Invest and Experience Balloch the opportunity to put forward ideas and suggestions on how to make the village an even better place.

From this, we have produced this report which pulls together the outcome of the Charrette process and sets out a series of indicative proposals and recommendations that can go forward for use by partners locally to act as a collective action plan for the future of Balloch. It acts as a framework that ensures development in Balloch works best for the village.

7 key projects identified are:

  • New use for Balloch Castle and making more of Balloch Park
  • Public realm improvements on Station Square – Village Centre
  • West Riverside tourism development
  • Pier End multiple loch access
  • Improved orientation / signage
  • Parking management
  • Redevelopment of Woodbank House

Charrette postit notes

A key part of the Report is the associated Action Plan, where individual projects are highlighted. For each project, the report identifies the lead body / organisation, supporting organisations and opportunities for others to help deliver it. Projects will vary in timescales –  some are short term, others medium term and some long term.

Were glad to hear a few early successes following the charrette process, including:

  • general improvements proposed for the appearance of the train station including flower beds and much needed repainting of railings, and
  • installation of 2 modern information boards at key locations next to bus station and tourist information centre.

We are happy to support progress on this momentum for other projects to be delivered from the Charrette.

We will keep you updated with further progress via Facebook posts and future blogs.

Any questions let us know via or Facebook comments.

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