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Celebrating new affordable homes in Callander

Last month, we were delighted to attend the official opening of 23 new affordable rent flats in Callander.

The homes were delivered by  Rural Stirling Housing Association (a Registered Social Landlord), at the site of the former Telephone Exchange. Gaining planning permission in 2014, this site was deemed ideal for development due to its position in a prime central location near to village facilities.. Their opening  follows shortly after another affordable housing development by Dunbritton Housing Association delivered 26 homes in Arrochar in October last year.

These housing projects are the result of the National Park Authority’s efforts to increase the number of affordable homes available for young people and families who live and work in the National Park. This allows local businesses to thrive, improving the experience for visitors while also protecting the unique environment of the area.

This vision is outlined in the National Park Authority’s Local Development Plan 2017-2021, which sets out an annual target to deliver 75 new homes in order to sustain communities and meet demand for smaller, modest sized and affordable homes.

Most of the sites allocated for new housing development within the Local Development Plan are located in or around the National Park’s towns and villages including:

  • 31 new homes in Balloch
  • 54 new homes in Arrochar, Succoth and Tarbet
  • 148 new homes in Callander

The shortage of affordable housing is one of the greatest challenges facing communities within the National Park and the delivery of these projects makes an important contribution to the National Park Authority’s aim to increase the amount of affordable homes.

A further affordable housing scheme, being delivered by Stirling Council housing services, is under construction in Callander through the redevelopment of the old fire station site. This is scheduled to be ready for occupants in May 2019. A further 50 affordable homes are also planned by the Rural Stirling Housing Association to the south of Callander.

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