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Engaging with the younger generation

Our engagement with the younger generation continued with visits to Vale of Leven Academy and Levenvale Primary School last week. Thanks to all those who participated and to the teachers who helped us organise the sessions.

Some common themes are already emerging from adults and young people alike.

Balloch Castle Country Park is a really important asset, well-used by local people of all ages.  Young people particularly enjoy the walks, swimming in the loch, seeing red squirrels, the “magical waterfall” at the far end, relaxing, the views, the trees and the wide open spaces.

From young to old, lots of people have said they’d like to see the Castle brought back into use (lots of ideas but no consensus yet) and improvements to the footpaths, especially through the central section of the park.

Another common theme from all ages is the need for better connections between Loch Lomond Shores and the town.

For people visiting Loch Lomond Shores, we’ve been told the route to town needs to be more obvious: who’s going to go into a deep dark wood when they don’t know where they’re going?

Teenagers in the Vale asked for a better lit path so that it’s easier to get to and from the station in the winter, and Community Councillors have suggested that the path should be routed along the river, not in the trees.


Both primary and secondary school pupils suggested that there should be more shops that serve both visitors and residents – like sports shops, clothes shops and a Lego Shop!

All in all, there are some common themes emerging.  We’ve only just scratched the surface so far – join us at the charrette workshops from 29th February to work out the solutions to these and other challenges.

– by Nick Wright

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