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It’s the final week of the consultation!

Over this sixth and final week of consultation we have been busy catching up with secondary school students at Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh, Balfron High and McLaren High in Callander.

We talked to students about how we all got involved in planning as a profession, explained the different types of planning roles and jobs and discussed why it’s important to have a robust planning system in order to plan ahead for sustainable growth – to help sustain existing services and facilities throughout the National Park.

The main focus of our student sessions involved playing an interactive planning game called ‘Plan-It’ (created by Architecture and Design Scotland) designed to generate discussion on proposed development. Students were quick to engage in the game and easily understood that there are many different people whom development impacts in different ways. The game was a great success and students highlighted the opportunities and constraints of different types of development (housing, business, tourism, open space and retail) in different locations.

Thanks to all the students and teachers who took part! We want to continue to develop our LIVE Park youth engagement each year.

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This final week of consultation has seen the highest increase in people submitting representations on the Proposed Plan and Guidance over the past 6 weeks. Many people have been using the online system which is the quicker and more efficient way to submit and receive representations and we hope that people will provide feedback on how they have found using the online system to allow us to look into ways of improving the system further for future consultations.

Please note that this is the final few days of the current consultation in the process of preparing a new development plan for the Park. Representations can still be made online here or using the representation form.

Should you wish to be kept up to date on the process, please follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter page or at (now archived).

Please note that the consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 29 June.

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