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Local Development Plan has been adopted… December 2016

We are delighted to share that the National Park’s first Local Development Plan has now been adopted. The Plan sets out the vision for housing, business and tourism for the next ten years.

The Adopted Plan can be viewed on line here. Called LIVE Park, it sets out how development can help the National Park to be a great place to Live, Invest, Visit and Experience through a shared vision and development strategy depicted through lots of colourful illustrations, sketches, aerial maps and annotated plans. The Plan will be used to determine all planning decisions in the National Park and will be updated every five years.

Key policy areas have been updated in order to support the delivery of the vision, including increasing the supply of rural housing for people living and working in the Park, supporting the sustainable growth and diversification of the rural economy; raising the quality of the Park as a visitor destination, as well as addressing infrastructure limitations at key locations to support future development. Underpinning this strategy are core cross-cutting themes of sustainability, climate change, design and place-making that are central to achieving the Plan’s vision.

We will now be turning our efforts to the associated Action Programme which will be used to guide delivery of the Plan’s strategy and vision, allocated development sites and policies. Continued collaboration amongst stakeholders including landowners, agents, key agencies and local communities is required to help deliver these. We aim to have the Action Programme published and online for March 2017.

Should you have any questions on the Plan or process please email or call Susan, Hugh or Kirsty on 01389-722600.

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