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Proposed plan consultation: Week 4 summary

It’s been a very busy week with the consultation. We started the week with continued discussions with teachers in organising the youth engagement events with three local schools. The three schools taking part over the next couple of weeks are Hermitage Academy – Helensburgh, Balfron High and McLaren High – Callander. We are looking forward to hearing the views of the students on planning in the Park.

We had a meeting with numerous Stirling Council departments on Wednesday afternoon to provide them with a high level overview of the Proposed Plan and Guidance. It was good to discuss the consultation and various challenges in meeting future growth; Callander for example included matters of sufficient capacity to manage any increased demand for education, viability of a pedestrian bridge, and viability of a long term road-bridge to Callander East. We will continue to work with Stirling Council to plan for future growth and the continued provision of vital service and facilities for all residents and visitors to Callander.

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Yesterday evening we held a very busy drop-in event at St Kessogs, Callander. It was great to see such a high turnout and the central location worked well. All the sites in Callander were discussed during the event and the majority of folk were supportive of the majority of sites identified in the Plan. People appreciated that development growth is needed simply to help sustain existing community services and facilities medium to long term. Community services include things such as local schools, the library, GPs, local shops, the leisure centre and youth centre.

However, some people raised concerns of the Economic Development site adjacent to Lagrannoch Industrial Estate in terms of road access, visual impact, noise and air pollution. These are all valid planning concerns. The site guidance icons shown on the site map highlight the various planning factors we would expect any future development to meet prior to planning permission being granted. This is also the case for relevant planning policies which include safeguards for the valid planning concerns raised. The finer details of development would not be available until a subsequent planning application stage.

Besides Lagrannoch, there were a greater number of people raising concerns for the proposed housing site at Balgibbon Drive which created the most discussion. The majority of people who raised concerns about this site were not against development in principle and their overriding objections remain on matters of road access and road safety. We wish to highlight a couple of points for the benefit of other residents who were unable to make the drop-in event:

  1. Simply because people previously objected to a proposed site at a previous stage in the Plan process does not mean that those objections will continue at subsequent stages. Consequently, should people wish to continue their objection then they will have to put forward their points at this stage. Please note that this stage is formal and that representations will be forwarded to the Reporter for examinations which are likely to be held spring/summer of 2016. Representations can be made online or using the representation form. The consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 29 June.
  2. Some people argued that nothing has changed for the Balgibbon Drive site since the last stage (Additional Sites Report) despite the numerous letters of objections which were raised at that time. This is not true. The site was identified at the Additional Sites stage as a short term opportunity whereas the Proposed Local Development Plan is proposing it as a long term opportunity.

We hope you have found this blog helpful. Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook page and Twitter page for updates throughout the remainder of the consultation.

Please feel free to drop in at events next week to discuss the Proposed Plan and Guidance:

  • Tuesday 16 June at Buchanan Drop In Event at Balmaha Visitor Centre from 3-8pm
  • Thursday 18 June at Arrochar and Tarbet Drop In Event at Arrochar 3 Villages Hall from 5-7pm
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