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We’ve approved the development of five affordable homes in Luss

In our role as planning authority, we make decisions on all planning applications in the National Park. This is where someone formally submits a development proposal that under planning legislation requires approval. It can be anything from a house extension to a holiday cabin or a hydro scheme!

I’m pleased to share that this week we approved the development of five affordable homes in Luss. Luss is a very popular village for its heritage and lochside location and has long been felt to need more housing for people who work or want to work in this community.

The National Park is one of the most expensive places in Scotland to buy a home. That’s why when new housing is proposed, we require that the development includes affordable housing. This is a key ‘planning tool’ we use to help support the communities that live here. By encouraging the development of affordable family homes, we can help retain local public services such as schools, in what is projected to be a declining and ageing population. The term ‘affordable housing’ is housing that is available for those on more modest incomes and is typically rental accommodation provided by a local authority or housing association. You can find out more about housing in the National Park in our series of housing blogs.

Along with housing partner organisations and landowners, we work to bring more affordable housing to appropriate sites. We have approved schemes in Succoth, Kilmun, Lochgoilhead, Killin and Callander in recent years. Some have been built and others are being built or still in the pipeline. Our approval for five affordable homes in Luss this week is another important addition to our communities housing provision.

What has been approved?

We have given planning permission for five homes. There will be:

  • four 3-bedroomed homes suitable for families in a courtyard arrangement of two semi-detached one and a half storey units, facing the Old Military Road and Glen Luss Road respectively, and:
  • one 2-bedroomed detached single storey accessible home positioned to the south-west corner of the site.

This development represents a milestone for Luss Estate Company in progressing its Strategic Development Framework. The land is being provided by the Estate to the LINK Housing Association. Next, funding for the scheme will be finalised, with contributions being made from the LINK Housing Association, the Scottish Government, Argyll & Bute Council and the Estate.


This image is an artist’s representation of the proposed development, not the final approved planning drawing. Credit: LINK/Anderson Bell Christie.

What other developments are taking place in the National Park?

We’ll be sharing more about our work in this area and I’m keen that we share notable decisions we make on these development proposals – as they are made! We hope this helps keep you informed about what is going on in our communities and the process and context of these decisions.

It is important to recognise that planning decisions are not black and white – not everyone agrees with the proposal or our decision making! However, we are bound legally in how we determine and process these proposals but do publish the reasons.

To keep up to date, check our blog here or join us on Facebook or Twitter.

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