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Callander’s Quality Skies

Two Callander locations for the quality of their skies by a Callander’s Landscape project.

Dark Skies was a project led by the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park Authority in collaboration with community volunteers which observed the sky light quality and light pollution at key locations within Callander to celebrate the very best in the area.

The endeavour involved over 650 people, including New Scots families and young people involved with Stirling Youth Services, and hosted workshops and events for anyone interested.

Dark Skies near Loch Venachar

Dark Skies was part of Callander’s Landscape Restore Programme which supported and provided funding for projects relating to nature in Callander such as the Rivers Restoration project and the clearing of invasive non-native species.

The Rivers Restoration project involved working with a range of volunteers to educate school children with visits to Callander Primary, where over 100 children used their new knowledge to rear 400 brown trout.

Volunteers also cleared invasive non-native species and woodland to install bird and bat boxes in Callander Crags woods.


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