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Recommendations & action plan

The first output of the Balloch charrette was the charrette report, which was published on 16th May. It pulls together the outcome of the Charrette process and sets out a series of indicative proposals and recommendations shaped by the local community that can go forward for use by partners locally.

It identifies a vision which is in essence, all about creating a well-connected, active and attractive place that is enjoyable to spend time in for visitors and locals alike by:

  • Generating activity
  • Creating new opportunities
  • Improving connections
  • Opening up views
  • Creating quality

The report acts as a framework that ensures new development works best for Balloch.

Action plan

The collective action plan for local stakeholders to take forward a package of improvements to transform Balloch breaks down all the projects into actionable steps in the short term (next 2 years), medium term (2-5 years) and long term (beyond 5 years) and suggests who the lead and support players should be and where there might be opportunities for other organisations to be positively involved.

This provides a start point and once these are examined in detail there may be further refinement and update.

Five priority projects

The action plan identifies five priority projects and breaks them down into actionable steps. There are:

  1. Balloch Castle and Country Park
  2. West Riverside
  3. Parking Strategy
  4. Station Square
  5. Events/Activity Strategy
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