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Marine Fish Farm at Beinn Reithe, Loch Long

Information on the planning application for a Marine Fish Farm at Beinn Reithe, Loch Long

A planning application was received in October 2021 for the “Installation of a Marine Fish Farm and associated development including shore base, slipway and pontoon and road upgrades”.  The planning application reference number is 2021/0357/DET. You can view all the details of the application on the Public Access website.

The planning application is a Major planning application which has been submitted with an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report. We will follow the standard process for handling any major planning application. This process is set out in detail in our Major Planning Applications Explained blog.

Pre-application Consultation

The applicant submitted a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) on 4 June 2021 and undertook Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) in July 2021 as required for a major planning application. Details of the PAN can be viewed on the Public Access website using the reference number 2021/0208/PAC.  Also the Pre-Application Consultation Report can be viewed in the planning application file on the Public Access website using reference number 2021/0357/DET.  Although the pre-application consultation has been carried out, the applicant’s website with details of the proposals remains live and can be viewed at:

The planning application is currently pending consideration and public comments can be submitted via the Public Access website or by email to  See our webpage for more information on how to comment on planning applications.

Once we have considered all the information submitted, including the advice received from consultees such as the local roads authority and all public comments, the planning case officer will make a recommendation to our Members to either approve or refuse the application.

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