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How to Register your Local Place Plan

When you submit your Local Place Plan we must validate and register the Plan. The Plan will be placed on a national register. We will check your plan against the official requirements set out in the Planning Act.This page sets out the key steps for submitting a proposed Local Place Plan to the Planning Authority for validation and registration.

The main requirements for a Local Place Plan are that it must:

  • be prepared by a community council or a community body (as defined by Community Empowerment legislation),
  • be a proposal as to the development or use of land, and
  • fulfill the legal requirements set out in the relevant legislation around (these are explained further within the Circular)

Steps to complete before submitting a Local Place Plan for registration

Before submitting a Proposed Local Place Plan (LPP) to the planning authority for validation and registration, the community body must send a copy of the proposed LPP and an Information Notice to:

  1. each councillor for the local place plan area,
  2. a community council (CC) any part of whose area is within, or adjoins, the LPP area (see CC Boundary map on this webpage).

The Information Notice must include:

  1. a brief description of the content and purpose of the proposed local place plan – detailing any specific proposals and their potential impacts,
  2. information as to how and to whom any representations on the content of the proposed local place plan should be made and the date by which they should be made.
  3. The date by which representations should be made must be a date which is not less than 28 days after the date on which the notice is sent.

A template Information Notice is set out in Appendix 1, below.

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Submitting the proposed Local Place Plan for registration

Once the 28-day consultation with councillors and CCs is over, and any relevant amendments to the LPP have been incorporated, the Proposed LPP can then be submitted to the planning authority for validation and registration. It must be submitted with the following information:

  1. A copy of the written constitution of the community body (if the local place plan is submitted by a community body which is a community-controlled body (as defined in section 19 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015),).
  2. The contact details for the community body.
  3. A copy of the Information Notice containing the all the information outlined above.
  4. A statement explaining how the community body has, in preparing the LPP, had regard to:
  5. the local development plan for the LPP area,
  6. the National Planning Framework, and
  7. any locality plan for the local place plan area (if applicable).
  8. A statement setting out why the community body considers that the local development plan should be amended (if applicable).
  9. An engagement statement setting out:
  10. the community body’s view of the level and nature of support for the local place plan
  11. A brief description of the engagement and consultation activity or activities,
  12. An estimation of the number of interests of people/organisations involved (that would be in a survey or workshop),
  13. A summary of the views expressed in both support and opposition
  14. the basis on which the community body has reached that view, including a description of any consultation by the community body in respect of the proposed local place plan.
  15. a copy of any document which is referred to in the local place plan (other than a document which is prepared or published by the planning authority to whom the local place plan is submitted).

An information notice template e can be downloaded here.

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Community Councils Map

Below is a map of the Community Councils in and near the National Park. Please click on any area on the map to discover the Community Council representing that area, along with its contact details and the Local Authority responsible for providing governance support. Remember, the National Park Authority is the Planning Authority responsible for planning in the National Park.

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