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What to do when you need to poo

It may be the most natural thing in the world but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to ‘dump’ it anywhere.

Not only does poo look and smell pretty bad, it can be harmful to people and wildlife too.

Make sure you know what to do when you need to poo in the great outdoors as outlined in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

First things first, if you can, make sure you ‘go’ before you go. Check our handy map of Last Chance Loo Stops around the National Park to see where your nearest toilets are.

If you do need to poo when you’re out and about there are two options:

Option 1: Can you dig it? Yes you can!

can you dig it infographic

  • Take a trowel: Carry a small trowel with you
  • Find your spot: Dig a hole 30m from buildings, water, other people and animals
  • Do your thing: Bury your poo in the hole and cover it
  • Leave no trace: Bag up toilet paper or sanitary items. These can go in a bin when you get to one.

It won’t always be possible to bury your waste, for example you might not be able to get 30m from water or buildings, or the ground might not be suitable for digging.

Think about where you’re going to be and plan ahead for option two:

Option 2: Bag it & Bin it

  • Be prepared: Take some bags (dog poo bags or food waste bags work well) and a sealed container or another bag.
  • Do your thing: Poo into the small bag.
  • Pack it out: Tie it up and put it in the container or sealed bag.
  • Disposal: Place it in a bin or empty it into a toilet when you find one.

Always make sure you bag and bin toilet paper and sanitary items too.

You might also want to take some hand sanitiser and if you want to there are a range of things you can buy to bring with you such as special outdoor poo packs or even portable toilets.

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