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By Governance June 10, 2022

Zain Sehal has joined the Board as part of a pilot scheme to diversify our decision making. Zain will attend and particpate in Board meetings, but will not have full voting rights. He will also assist the National Park Authority in the development of our strategic plans. Zain will be with the Board until June 2023.

Zain completed his MSc Marketing degree at Strathclyde and has a passion for everything related to the outdoors. He currently oversees the technical side and marketing for all events across an ethnic minority organisation, Boots & Beards. He comes from a large extended family and is passionate about digital minimalism having seen it’s negative impact on children. He enjoys the company of like minded individuals keen to explore the wilderness.

Register of Interests

• Category 1: Remuneration
◦ Boots and Beards

• Category 2: Related Undertakings
◦ None

• Category 3: Contracts
◦ None

• Category 4: Houses, Land and Buildings
◦ None

• Category 5: Interest in Shares & Securities
◦ None

• Category 6: Gifts & Hospitality
◦ None

• Category 7: Non-Financial Interests
◦ Trustee – Boots and Beards


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