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Callander asks visitors to love the town ‘like a local’

Residents of Callander come on board with our ‘Love It Like A Local’ litter campaign.

Signs have been put up around the town showcasing residents who are welcoming responsible visitors back to the area as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.

Using the tagline ‘Love It Like A Local’, the signs give visitors a gentle nudge to do the right thing with their litter by binning it or, if there isn’t a bin available, taking it home with them.


Signs showing resident Paul and his daughter Eira are being displayed displayed in the Square. When taking part in the campaign Paul said: “The children have a real connection with nature on the doorstep, but we’re worried about the degradation of the environment with plastic pollution. We want it to be preserved for our children and future generations.”


Elaine sees so much litter around when out on walks with her gorgeous pooch Hamish. “We just want to enjoy our walks. No litter, please!”

As well putting up signs showing National Park residents to welcome positive behaviour, we have also been working with Stirling Council to trial a tougher strand of messaging to show the social disapproval around littering behaviour.


Signs have also been put up in the area showing both National Park and Stirling Council staff who clear up litter left behind, along with real comments made by our social media followers to show how unacceptable this behaviour is. The sign above shows Kat from Stirling Council and is in place at Callander Meadows.

Find out more about the campaign and how your community can also get involved.

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