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Core Paths Plan Review

Consultation extended: Let us know your views on our review of our Core Paths Plan.

Preparation of a Core Paths Plan, which outlines the network of Core Paths found within the National Park, is a statutory duty for the National Park Authority. Our existing Plan was adopted in 2010 but over the intervening years, there have been various new paths created and upgrades to some existing paths that may now meet the criteria to be designated as Core Paths. There have also been realignments of some Core Paths and some paths that were included as Core Paths in the Plan that have not been created as had been previously envisaged. The purpose of our review is to ensure that the Plan continues to recognise the essential Core Paths that provide sufficient access throughout the National Park area.

A review process has been taking place over the last year and we are pleased to present our proposed updates to the Core Paths Plan which is now available for public consultation. The review proposes 81km of additional Core Path (11% of the network) and the removal of 4km (which is less than 1% of the current network).

More details are available below on how to respond to the consultation, what are Core Paths, and how we have reviewed them.


Update: February 2019

Alongside paper copies of the consultation, we have been using a new map based online system to gather consultation responses. Unfortunately we have identified a technical issue with the system which has meant that some responses submitted prior to 29th January have not been saved by the system. Solutions by both the software supplier and staff at the National Park Authority were put in place as soon as the problem was identified; however we are afraid that we were unable to recover any consultation responses that may have been affected.

We believe that this issue affects a low number of consultation submissions; however, it is important to us that all voices are heard in our decision-making processes. With this in mind, we are extending the consultation for a further 12 weeks from the date of the issue being identified. This will allow everyone to have the opportunity to have their say on the Core Paths that provide access throughout the National Park.

The consultation will now remain open until Friday 26th April 2019 and we encourage anyone with an interest in access in the National Park to share their views on the proposed amendments to our Core Paths Plan.

What if I have already responded to the consultation?

If you submitted a response to the consultation before 29th January 2019 and included proposed amendments to the Core Paths Plan by drawing on the digital map, then we have received your response. You should have received an email from us to confirm this and need to take no further action. If you are unsure if we have your received your response please contact us on 01389 722672.

If you submitted a response to the consultation before 29th January 2019 and did not include any proposed amendments by drawing on the digital map, then we have not received your response, even though you may have received an automated email confirming your submission.

Instead of re-submitting your thoughts via the online system, if you still have a copy of the automated email confirming your response; please send this acknowledgement email to to ensure we receive your response to the consultation. If you do not have a copy of the automated email confirmation please call us on 01389 722672 and we can help you with your re-submission.

If you have any concerns about your consultation response or any questions about the consultation, please contact us at

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