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Loch Lomond Byelaws Review

Update 16th March 2023: This consultation has closed. View the final proposed changes to the Loch Lomond Byelaws prior to their submission to Scottish Ministers.

Loch Lomond is an iconic and special place, for its value to nature and the environment, for the multiple recreation and wellbeing opportunities it offers, and the economic value it provides for the many businesses and communities around it.

Byelaws are in place on Loch Lomond specifically, and not on other lochs in the National Park, because of the levels to which is it used by many different people, to help manage the careful balance between these multiple uses and opportunities. There have been significant changes in the type and volume of recreation activities enjoyed on Loch Lomond, particularly in recent years. While more people enjoying the Loch responsibly is a positive, these changes can increase the potential for conflict between the ways different users want to use the Loch. It is vital that the byelaws are updated to respond to these changes, ensuring they provide clear rules and guidance to support safe and responsible enjoyment of the water and robust deterrents to irresponsible and dangerous behaviours.

In 2022 we launched a public consultation to gather views on changes being proposed to the Loch Lomond Byelaws. The public consultation ran for 12 weeks from Wednesday 27th July 2022 until Wednesday 19th October 2022. The consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a response.

Following the public consultation

We have been working to analyse the responses from the consultation and refine the proposed changes to the byelaws. The final proposed changes were approved by National Park Board members in January 2023 for submission to Scottish Ministers. They are set out in the following documents:

Prior to submission to Scottish Government, the documents above are being made available to read at National Park offices for a period of 12 weeks until 8th June 2023. During this time, loch users or interested parties can write to Scottish Government with any concerns or representations about the proposed byelaws:

  • By email: (please quote ‘Byelaw Objections’ in the subject line).
  • By post: FAO Byelaw Objections, Scottish Government, Future Environment Division, Victoria Quay, Area 3H South, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ.

Below you can find a number of documents which aided development and refinement of this review of the Loch Lomond Byelaws.

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