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Rural Development

Vision: In the National Park businesses and communities thrive and people live and work sustainably in a high quality environment.

What outcomes will we focus our efforts on to achieve this vision? 


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Rural development in a National Park context is all about supporting thriving rural communities and a sustainable, growing, rural economy, within a heavily visited and heavily protected rural area where conservation is to the fore. Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park’s unique environment and special qualities provide many opportunities for economic growth and diversification.

Strong partnership working between the Park Authority, public sector agencies, land managers, communities and businesses can deliver multiple outcomes that ensure the best economic and social use of our land, buildings and assets for the betterment of people living, working and visiting the area. Aligned to this is the need for us to mitigate and address the challenges of climate change to improve quality of life, health and well-being and to enhance the overall experience of people visiting the National Park.

Our role as a planning authority enables us to encourage development which will improve the physical fabric of our towns and villages, and support a more integrated and strategic approach to rural land use and development. Our communities are extremely well placed to take forward the new opportunities arising out of community empowerment and land reform legislation. This will enable them to have more say and involvement in service delivery, decision making and control of their future.

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