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Visitor Experience

Vision: The National Park provides a high quality, authentic experience for visitors from all backgrounds. There are many opportunities to enjoy recreation activities and appreciate the area’s outstanding natural and cultural heritage within an internationally-renowned landscape.

What outcomes will we focus our efforts on to achieve this vision?


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National Parks provide a significant tourism attraction in many countries around the world. Loch Lomond &
The Trossachs National Park attracts millions of visitors every year because of its world-renowned natural beauty, extensive outdoor recreation opportunities, our close proximity to the large population centres of central Scotland and general accessibility by road and rail.

This volume of visitors presents us with both significant opportunities and challenges. Our visitor profile has traditionally been characterised by high numbers of predominantly day visits that coincide with good weather. Historically this has meant a highly seasonal, weather dependent visitor economy that can give us very high volume visitor pressures in some of the most popular areas of the Park.

These pressures can affect the quality of environment, visitor experience, economy and community life.

This Plan aims to build on the work of our existing National Park Partnership Plan 2012-2017 and further develop its focus on raising the level of ambition, to ensure that the quality of visitor experience in the National Park is truly world class.

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