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Our last National Park Partnership Plan 2012-2017 aimed to develop the potential of the National Park to be a “generator for growth in Scotland and a showcase for the very best of the scenery and natural heritage that Scotland is famous for.” Over the past five years we have worked “to increase the quality of the public infrastructure in the National Park to generate greater business activity to meet the Scottish Government’s core purpose of creating a more successful country through increasing sustainable economic growth.”

With this next Plan we will build on this investment to further develop the many benefits that the National Park can offer Scotland’s environment, society, culture and economy. This new Plan proposes 13 key outcomes that we believe we should work towards and suggests the main priorities for action, which will achieve a shared vision for the area.


Gordon Watson & James Stuart

Through the public consultation on this Plan we want to hear what people think and encourage individuals and organisations to feedback on these suggested priorities.

The Partnership Plan highlights where we think partner public bodies have a role to play and how better collaboration will achieve higher impact outcomes, which support Scottish Government priorities as well.

The Plan also plays a role in supporting the initiatives of partner organisations in and around the Park area such as their economic development or City Deal strategies.The Plan sets out where there are opportunities for local businesses, landowners, non-government organisations and community organisations to play an important role, while achieving their own priorities within the National Park.

As a strategic plan, the focus is on the big priorities for action that are most likely to make a lasting and positive difference to the area, its communities, the people who visit and to the Scottish economy. It also guides other documents that cover specific subjects in the National Park such as the Local Development Plan, which contains detailed policies guiding new development.

Through our public consultation we want to know your views and whether you agree with:

  • The overall vision statements
  • The 13 priority outcomes we propose to work towards
  • The suggested priorities for action to achieve these outcomes

The National Park Authority is made up of people who are dedicated to protecting the special landscape of the National Park and to making this a fantastic place to live, visit, work, and enjoy. We look forward to receiving your feedback and to working with all of our partners on the delivery of this Partnership Plan.

James Stuart
Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority

Gordon Watson
Chief Executive
Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority

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