Please plan ahead before visiting the National Park and read our Advice for Visitors.

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Create your National Park event

Essential tools and advice

Holding an event in the National Park is similar to holding an event anywhere else in Scotland; the principles remain the same. However, there are some elements of permissions and support that sit with the National Park Authority rather than the local authority.

couples-dancing-surrounded-by-people-playing-instruments-and-crowds-cheering-at-lomond-shores-during-balloch-festival-two-thousand-eighteen First steps

First steps

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conference-close-up-of-audience-smiling-and-watching-interested-on-the-left-of-the-picture-they-are-wearing-orange-lanyards Funding


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orchestra-playing-at-lomond-shores-balloch-with-loch-lomond-and-maid-of-the-loch-steamship-visible-behind-balloch-festival-two-thousand-eighteen On the day – essentials

On the day – essentials

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