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Audit Committee Meeting 27th June 2017


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Declaration of Interests

3. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda3_Minutes of Previous Meeting

4. Minutes of Closed Session on 7th March 2017

5. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda5_Matters Arising

Internal Audit Reports

6. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda6_Internal Audit on Employee Licences Vehicle Checks– Colin McDougall

7. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda7_Internal Audit Opinions– Colin McDougall

8. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda8-Final Internal Audit Annual Report 201617– Colin McDougall

9. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda9_Outstanding Actions Update– Catriona Morton

Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda9_Appendix 1_Outstanding Actions List

10. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda10_Final Internal Audit Plan 201718– Catriona Morton

External Audit Reports

11. Annual Report to Members – Lindsay Robertson (will be presented at the meeting)

Other Reports

12. Letter of Representation to External Audit (will be presented at the meeting)

13. Final Accounts for the Financial Year ended 31st March 2017*

*Members should bring their copy of the NPA Board paper to the meeting.

Any comments received at the Board will be circulated before the Audit Committee meeting, and a final version of the Accounts will be tabled on the day of the meeting.

14. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda14_Best Value Update

Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda14_Best Value Update Appendix 1

15. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda15_Register of Interests Review

16. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda16_Corporate Risk Register_Covering Paper

Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda16_Corporate Risk Register (progress update 2018-05)

17. Audit Committee_20170627_Agenda17_Professional Judgement Framework– Jaki Carnegie / Catriona Morton

18.  Confidential Business – Gordon Watson (to follow)

19. Any Other Business

20. Date of Next Meeting – 12th September 2017

Approved minutes of meeting held on 27th June 2017

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